What are your collection's New Year's Resolutions?

Happy 2020 LaLD!

Another annual LaLD tradition that I enjoy. I've got three in mind, two of which I probably won't keep. What are some of the ideas that you have in mind?

1. Buy less

I say this every year and I actually keep it for a couple of months, but then it never works out. I've got a back log of new models that I haven't shown you where I could do a new review every week and never repeat. That's not a good thing.

2. Write more

This one kind of goes along with my first resolution. In order to fully appreciate my current collection, I need to take pics, edit, and write up posts. I've got about 1,000 pics on my SD card that still need to be edited. I like how Fintail does it and dedicates every Sunday to a new post. I might have to start doing that.

3. Reduce the hoard

Lastly, this is the one resolution I really need to accomplish. I have too many models, some of which I realize I'm just never going to display. Some do not fit my collection's theme, and others are older models that I acquired "replacements" for from higher quality brands. I'm not even looking at this challenge as an opportunity to cash in. My primary goal is to regain space and to store my collection in a more efficient manner that will let me rotate my displays more easily.

What New Year's resolutions are you making for your collection?

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Comments (44)

  • I just want that sweet Plymouth Superbird team transporter. That's all.

      1 year ago
    • I ordered the last wave from Amazon. They’ve still got BRE transports and the Falken 190e at my Target

        1 year ago
    • Of all the cars in the set, the truck is what I really want. What's the name,Wide Open? I don't really care about the car it carries.

        1 year ago
  • I will definitely try to bring up more articles and way more short writeups. I also plan to do some outdoor-shootings. I have so many diecasts, that would look better outdoors than in my studio-box. For example some GL 4x4s or campers or the GL gas station.

      1 year ago
    • I think shorter write ups are the way to go. I’ve been trying to write a huge post for a Hako Skyline and it’s just not happening. I hate that it’s sitting in my drafts

        1 year ago
    • Agreed. Maybe I should also keep it more simple with my planned Lancia 037-story....

        1 year ago
  • Open some of my Tomica hauls from my trip to Japan 2 years ago, lol.

      1 year ago
  • Just to make it through another year

      1 year ago
  • No new year’s resolution, I never make them happen so why bother.

    Actually, that’s a good NYR.

      1 year ago