2y ago
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What are your thoughts on swapping an A series engine for a Honda K20 or B16 vtec engine?

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  • My 1972 has a B16A, installed by MiniTec, all within the original steel, no extended nose. 180HP, still gets great mileage and now a British car that no longer leaks oil!

      11 months ago
  • Buy a civic 🤔

      2 years ago
    • In what sense, as a whole car or using for the engine transplant process? If I was going to buy a Civic, it would have to be a maintained EP3 Type R or an old EK9.

      I am right in thinking the B series engines were in the 90s Civics/Accords...?

        2 years ago
  • In the event that I can eventually buy a classic mini, one of my plans is to swap out the engine. What should it be? Im thinking B16/K20 VTEC engine...

      2 years ago