What Brexit?! Britain’s automotive legacy just invaded Brussels big time!

No matter what the UK throws at it, Brussels will hit back with a great exhibition honouring the British automotive legacy.

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No matter what the UK throws at it, Brussels will hit back with a great exhibition honouring the British automotive legacy. Autoworld usually hosts four-six major exhibitions a year, where several dozen cars occupy the main gallery on the first floor. Some of the were reported on Drivetribe as well:

There are several reports on previous exhibitions on Egzostive, like the exhibitions honouring Renault, Porsche and Citroen, this one goes beyond them all by building up a fictional city from Britain.

Picture… Piccadilly Circus, the small mews streets in which car treasures of yesteryear are hidden, the Crescents, and, in this festive period, the commercial streets with their delightful window displays.

The entire museum will take on a traditional Christmas shopping look with its decorations and its giant Christmas tree decorated in pure ‘English style’.

Autoworld promises more than 55 legendary British post-war cars, including many rare and exceptional masterpieces in a typical London atmosphere.

All existing makes are represented, following the usual layout, contemporary models await visitors by the entry, courtesy of Belgian dealerships. These stages feature rarities and luxury cars from Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, and Rolls Royce. If you read the last report on Zagato, these three stages can provide enough ammo for an excellent exhibition on their own.

The main attraction is still upstairs: the Museum gallery is dedicated to long-gone brands that remain an excellent souvenir for fans of British cars. Cars made by brands like Austin, Bristol, Gordon Keeble, Hillman, Humber, Jaguar, Jowett, Land Rover, McLaren, Mini, MG, Morgan, Rolls Royce, Singer, Triumph, TVR, and Vauxhall.

The line-up of cars will are complemented by motorbike makers such as BMC, Brough Superior, Norton, Triumph and Vincent.

Without blowing all the ammo, I would just highlight two stages (more on them in a few weeks in the comprehensive report). In a somewhat separated room on the gallery, 6 supercars await visitors, like the Jaguar 220XJ, the McLaren Senna and the legendary McLaren F1.

The other favourite stage groups together half a dozen legendary race cars like the Jaguar XJR15, the Bentleys Le Mans winner the last decade and a few others.

The exhibition is open until 26 January, so there is plenty of time to catch up. In case you can't make it to Autoworld on time, there will be a more detailed report that may include a few spoilers (if the McLaren Senna's spoiler won't do :) ).


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