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How did you end up here? Where did your interest in things automotive begin? Was your Mom a motorhead? Did your Dad drive like a maniac? Maybe Hotwheels were your gateway to things on wheels?

The Purpose of our #DriveTribe channel is to grow an interest in motorsports and all things automotive. The more we can engage kids early, the better the future for those who love driving, riding or racing.

We dread a future world of autonomous cars that drive themselves.

We want cars to be fun again. But for that to happen we need to grow the passion for all things automotive beyond a niche. Share your ideas here, and together let's create a global #DriveTribe. A Tribe that reaches far beyond this website.

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  • It makes us very happy to see a conversation under one of our posts. We have a piece coming soon from Team FMR Driver Jayden Elphage who also has Autism, among other issues he conquers daily. He is an inspiration. Maybe we'll post his banquet awards speech​ first just to introduce him.

      4 years ago
  • Wow. Well, if you guys need to raise money for anything, drivetribe would be a great platform. I'm sure plenty of autism charities in Ontario can use your help

      4 years ago
  • Jacky Kwan - awesome to see you joined Melons' CurbHoppers. Thanks! Just wanted to mention that I am Autistic, myself, since you are discussing that. Have you heard of Austin from Racing with Autism? He's a lad from Ontario making a big name for himself within the racing world, and raising awareness of Autism while doing it. Somehow, it seems like there are a lot of Autistic people getting into racing in Ontario region. I'm very glad to see it, because I can be a role model for it, I hope.

      4 years ago
  • Very cool. Fellow Canadian chiming in here. And you haven't even mentioned that you also help kids with autism and other conditions through motorsports. What a nice cause.

      4 years ago
  • I grew up around boats actually, and driving fairly boring manual transmission cars. But the untethered sensation of going fast in a boat and learning to work on it myself lead me to take a similar interest in cars, once I could afford to do it. I hope to instill a similar enthusiasm in my kids, now just 2 and 4. So far, they giggle in the back seat when I do donuts in the snow, so that's a start.

      4 years ago