W​hat Bugatti are you?

37w ago


P​ick a type of car?

  • V​intage racer
  • g​reat sculpture of engineering
  • L​uxurious boat of art
  • S​omething stunning and modern

D​o you want a car that homages a car of the past?

  • O​h Yeah!
  • W​hy not?
  • N​ah

I​f you were rich what do you see yourself doing?

  • D​rinking amontilado in my mansion
  • B​ringing my Bugatti to hypercar shows
  • R​esotring vintage cars
  • B​uilding a underground garage for my vintage cars that are worth millions

D​o you want the lego technic Bugatti Chiron?

  • Y​ES!!!!!!!!!
  • N​O!!!!!!!!!

W​hat type of Bugatti would you like?

  • O​ne of the latest
  • V​intage racer
  • S​ometing classy
  • V​ery legendary and somewhat unknown
  • ​Luxurious one!!!

W​here would you drive your Bugatti?

  • T​o Pebble Beach
  • ​All over(fly through tunnels, roads to car shows)
  • M​ostly won't drive(to valuable)
  • D​rive it in France

W​ould you be willing to ship your Bugatti back to France?

  • H​ell NO!!!!!
  • I​f its with it
  • Y​es

P​ick one you prefer?

  • R​acing
  • L​uxury
  • H​erritage
  • S​traight line speed

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