What can an OBD tool do for your car?

Find out how to customise your ride… electronically

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Technology has improved our vehicles – that’s beyond doubt. But with numerous computer modules and sensors installed they’ve become increasingly complicated. No longer can you simply pop the bonnet to see what’s wrong with your car, and it’s becoming harder and harder to install new parts or change features that you don’t like. Usually, you’re going to be stuck with the factory settings and parts.

There is a way around most of these problems, however – by investing in an OBD tool such as OBDeleven.

It’s a small Bluetooth device that can perform professional diagnostics and even activate various functions on your car. Operating with cloud-based automotive software, it can access all vehicle systems via application on your smartphone.

You only have to plug the OBDeleven adapter into the OBD-II diagnostic port on your car (usually in the footwell) and download the app.

Once you’ve run the app you’ll be able to clear fault codes and customise your car to your heart’s content – changing everything from interior lighting, how the turn signals operate, how the windows close and plenty more.

What can it do?

The system’s designed for use by home mechanics and professionals alike, and it’s designed primarily for Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda vehicles. You can also use the app to unlock unactivated electronic functions that are hidden by the manufacturer – including the ability to automatically dip the door mirror when you put the car into reverse, or the function that lets you open and close the windows from the keyfob.

That’s not all though – the OBDeleven can also read fault codes. Got a check engine light? Connect to your car and the OBDeleven app can give you an error code to kick-start your Google diagnosis.

You can also share diagnostic info by email, check the status of your battery and a whole lot more – all without having to visit a workshop.

What else

Upgrade to the Pro version of the OBDeleven and you can go a step further and get access to a whole swathe of diagnostic information – including advanced control unit diagnostic information, sub-control unit information, control unit resets, adaptation, settings and output testing, live tracking of information, and other features like anti-lock braking systems, airbag controls, and even allows customization of displays, colours and more. You can even adjust throttle bodies and steering parameters – Volkswagen AG has actually approved this kit with official licenses.

If you do not have professional automotive knowledge you can use ready-made ‘one-click apps’, which will carry out the programming for you.

Where can I get one?

Head over to OBDeleven's site to grab your own – and let us know how you get on diagnosing and customising your car.

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Comments (5)

  • Had a version of one of these for ten years. God I hate commercials disguised as stories.

      2 months ago
  • I use the tool and its very good and happy to recommend to friends BUT specifically for this tool new owners should be aware you can't code to your hearts content only change stuff that your car supports or you get into retrofitting control units / wiring . Secondly It currently only supports VAG Cars but you cant code any of the new MQB Platform cars fitted with SFD Security, they have promised to have this done by end first Quarter 2021 but are a/w VW To provide and support API. Thirdly unlike VCDS Online support is poor, Forum is good but is very focused on Golf (simply because that is where the user support is). Fourth and final point be warned these tools are very very good in the right hands but you can do serious damage to your car, For example we have seen many instances of Long Coding on brakes being cleared due to using factory reset which has no warning to tell you its dangerous.

      2 months ago
  • Does anyone know what could I use similar to this but for Mercedes? Most tools don't cover MB or they only do the diagnosis part, not the feature unlocking. I suppose that's MB trying to be Apple :D

      3 months ago
    • They may end up running into right-to-repair trouble in Boston, then.

        2 months ago
    • Not trying to be glib. Google is your friend in your search for the OBD tool you require.

        2 months ago