What Car are You Based on How You Handle a Move?

6w ago

First of all, where are you moving?

  • A decent apartment
  • A big mansion
  • Back to your parent's place
  • A very nice house
  • A countryside home

Alright, shall we get up from bed?

  • Yeah, start early, end early.
  • 5 more minutes...
  • Butler!
  • Just 20 minutes of Forza, then I start.

You look through your house and see what you need to move. How hopeless do you feel?

  • I don't feel hopeless, but my butlers do.
  • Nope, I can do this.
  • *Curls up into a ball and starts crying*
  • Well, all the wires from my gaming rig are going to be a hassle.
  • Eh.

You've packed your things, now what kind of truck do you need to haul all this?

  • I use helicopters, mind you.
  • My subcompact should do.
  • A Hennessey Velociraptor should do.
  • My sturdy old Toyota pickup does everything!
  • A Chevrolet Express may be horrible, but I'll do the job well.
  • Dad, I need some help with my stuff...

You're on your way to your new home. What are you going to eat on the way?

  • I packed a few ham sandwiches!
  • A quick McDonald's burger is good.
  • Just some Diet Coke for me.
  • I've got some Grilled Cheese!
  • The finest Wagyu beef please.
  • A gas station rib sandwich

You're here! What's your first priority here?

  • Empty your bladder.
  • Get everything unpacked
  • Sleep on the floor knowing you have a bed in the moving truck but you can't be arsed to get it.
  • Settle down in your silk sheets
  • Gasp at all of all the crap you have

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