W​hat Car are you Based on your Food Preferences? Thanksgiving Edition

15w ago

What's your favorite part of a traditional Thanksgiving feast?

  • The Turkey
  • ​Mashed Potatoes
  • C​ranberry Sauce
  • P​umpkin Pie
  • S​tuffing

Which side/sauce do you prefer?

  • C​ranberry sauce
  • G​ravy

W​hat kind of pie do you prefer?

  • P​umpkin Pie
  • A​pple Pie
  • P​ecan Pie

D​o you like gravy?

  • I​ enjoy it, but I could live without it.
  • I​ love it!
  • G​ravy? I can't stand it!

W​hich do you prefer?

  • R​oasted Brussel sprouts
  • G​reenbean casserole

W​hich do you prefer?

  • S​weet potato casserole
  • Dinner r​olls

W​hich kind of meat would you rather have for thanksgiving?

  • A​ ham
  • A​ turkey

W​hat do you like to do after finishing your Thanksgiving meal?

  • T​urn on the football game
  • T​ake a nap
  • M​ove right on to dessert

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