What Car Are You Based On Your Knowledge In General Science?

6w ago

Try and choose the option you find the most appropriate for these simple questions and see what car matches your level of knowledge. Also, don't forget to share your results in the comments!

Is there any difference between g (Not Grams) and G in physics?

  • Yes, they're totally different things.
  • Nah, they're the same thing. I mean, why would they be the same letter if they were different?
  • They are different, but I think not by much.

What is the absolute mass of an electron?

  • Its about 9 x 10^-28 grams.
  • Its zero.
  • I really don't know what I did during my Chemistry lectures!

Which one of these animals that live today also lived when dinosaurs did?

  • Cat
  • Monkey
  • Platypus

Is oxygen harmful to any living organism?

  • Yeah, elemental oxygen can be poisonous to certain bacteria.
  • How on earth can oxygen even be close to being harmful to a living being?
  • I really have no idea.

Who was the first to experimentally determine the right location of the Nucleus in an atom?

  • J.J Thomson
  • Ernest Rutherford
  • Eugen Goldstein

How much percentage does dark energy constitute the universe, as far as we know?

  • First of all, what is dark energy?
  • Maybe a small fraction.
  • About 70%.

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