What car are you from the Madagascar special are you??

4w ago

Do you like to keep things clean??

  • Hell yeah
  • Nah let's get dirty

Do you believe in pirates??

  • Hell yeah a hoy their me hearties
  • Nah those are the people who knock on your door and say do you want this knock of version of the avengers Endgame

How many times does your car break??

  • Never mine is indestructible
  • Every 100 yards
  • Barely

Do you over modify your car??

  • Hell yeah
  • Nah it just makes it worse

which place looks like more fun??

  • Goodwood race track
  • Anywhere
  • On this beach

Are you a yobo??

  • Hell yeah
  • Nah that is just a waste of rubber and money.

Do you like coding??

  • Hell yeah
  • Nah that's boring

What looks tastier??

  • Banana daiquiri
  • Cooked fish

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