What car are you most thankful for?

Let's celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020 with cars, shall we?

7w ago

Today is Thanksgiving and it is different this year due to everyone having to keep their distance and not meeting up in large groups. This means many people are alone this Thanksgiving, so why not share what car you are most thankful for with everyone on DriveTribe?

This could be anything, from your favourite car, the best looking car, the best sounding car etc Whatever it is, we'd love to hear what yours is.

On that note, here's mine. The car I am most thankful for is the MK2 VW Golf GTI as this is the very car which brought me home from hospital the day I was born back in January of 2000.

Yes, it had a bit of a loud exhaust on it, but that didn't matter and is probably where little Ben discovered the world of cars. In fact, my very first word was 'car' so it must have rubbed off on me.

From pictures I have seen, it was black with BBS wheels (the best combo) and I will own one at some point to commemorate that joyous moment which I do not remember, having been only a few hours old.

So, what is the car you're most thankful for?

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Comments (97)

  • The one I am currently driving which was a gift. As a disabled person a car is not something I can afford to purchase on my own. So when a grandmother passed I was gifted enough money to buy a 03 Camry with 159k on the clock. Due to nervous system damage any vibration causes pain. My previous car was so painful to drive I just stopped driving. That's when alarm bells went off in the family. Everyone knows how much I love cars and driving. The car I have now is smooth, relatively quiet, gets great fuel mileage and every time I turn the key it starts. No fuss transportation. Is it fun? It's not as bad as I used to think. It actually handles better than it has any right to. I had never even been in one. German cars are my thing. Swedish as well.

    I prefer manual sports cars but that is no longer an option. It is what it is and I am very grateful to even have a vehicle!!!

      1 month ago
  • RS6.

    Comfortable, fast, good handling and tons of room for my fishing gear.

    I could leave work and blast the 40 miles to the lake I was fishing in no time.

      1 month ago
  • I’m most thankful for the Mazda MX5. I grew up loving small British sports cars and reliable Japanese cars, I never dreamed the two would be combined. Over the last thirty years, I’ve owned them and sold them working for Mazda in the early 90’s. Great car, great company.

      1 month ago
  • Classic Mini. My first car, the car that started my odyssey in motoring, shaped my career and brought joy to life.

      1 month ago
  • My own truck.

      1 month ago