What car did you dream of at high school?

43w ago


I don't know about you, but the back of the door on my school locker was a mess. It was covered – and I mean COVERED – in printed pictures of the cars I'd recently become obsessed with.

Having been educated through the early seasons of Top Gear, the locker line-up was full of stuff like the Ascari A10, MG SV, Ferrari Enzo, Maserati MC12 and the Jaguar XK concept car.

There was one car that sat slap bang in the middle though, one that was printed out slightly larger than the rest of the fleet. It was the original Audi R8, and it was a car that I was obsessed with throughout my years at school.

It didn't get much better in 2007 than this

Those subtle supercar lines, the enchanting proportions and knowing that the V8 sitting between those side blades was ready to emit a sound that still makes me tingle all over to this day – the R8 was my hero.

This picture was glued to the back of my homefile and would constantly distract me from learning the equations of motion in physics. It still wasn't quite the R8 though

It definitely also had something to do with Clarkson's review of it on Top Gear – a review that I still class as one of his all-time greats. Never mind that Hammond turns up to spoil the party in a 911, the first half of the test was just about perfect.

Here it is:

And then of course, there was THIS advert:

Talk about satisfying.

Enough from me however, I want to know what car held a special place in your heart while you were at school. Was it the R34 from the 'Fast And Furious' franchise? Or maybe you're a bit younger and stuff like the Porsche 918 took pride of place on your homework diary?

Tell me what your high school automotive sweethearts were in the comments below!

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