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What car do you love even though most petrol heads don't?

Let us know what car you have a soft spot for even though it may position you as an outcast at your next car meet.

5w ago

Across the Petrolhead community there is a general consensus on what cars are cool and what cars shouldn't be owned by a petrol head. For example, it is agreed by many that instead of a fast flamboyant Italian supercar, the more sensible option is to go for a sensible, sophisticated alternative from the likes of Nissan or Toyota. These sorts of trends are not conclusive though and there are many who fall outside the barriers of the normal opinion certain cars.

For example, I do not understand the hatred for electric cars. I consider cars such as the Tesla Model X to actually be quite cool although most people, especially on platforms such as this, dislike the quiet, comfortable atmosphere that the futuristic cars offer. I also like the idea of a car filled with gimmicky, and yes I know childish, features such as the warp speed graphic which you are able to display on the central screen of your Tesla. These sort of thoughts set me apart from fellow car fanatics who would then get back in to their rumbling car and drive off leaving a cloud of translucent smoke.

Let us know a car you secretly love in the comments below!

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