What car made you love cars?

Some cars create car enthusiasts. What car made you fall in love with cars? Share it in the comments...

2y ago

It’s a pleasant trip down memory lane, pinpointing the precise machine that elevated our evolution into the species known as the petrolhead. Each individual car enthusiast owes their existence to a specific car. Whether it be a real car, a toy car, or even a slot car, we are all forever indebted to the vehicles that first planted the seeds to our passion.

Sometimes, this influence can happen in our difficult to recollect infant years, where our most guiding cognition occurs. For others however, the moment can be more memorable - primarily because of how it made us feel.

My love for cars can be documented in two stages. The first was in early childhood. I was given a book on performance cars - one that I still have in my wardrobe now - and out of all the wondrous machines depicted in the pages, there were two that hypnotised me more than any others: the Aston Martin Twin-Supercharged Vantage, and the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton.

The Aston seemed to be so much more inviting than all of the other supercars in the book. The comfort that graced the interior often resulted in me losing myself in a daydream, envisioning I were driving it - even at the age of 3. Yet the performance statistics listed were completely out of character for such a luxurious car.

Credit: boldride

Credit: boldride

The Carlton broadly resembled the Astra we had on our driveway - only the quoted performance figures were more akin to exotica than a family saloon. With a 175mph top speed, I struggled to believe that a practical car could be capable of such absurd performance. It was official - I was a petrolhead.

The point at which my interest elevated into a full blown passion came in 2005 when a little known car called the Bugatti Veyron appeared on the scene. Much like the Vantage, it offered luxury and performance - only with the Veyron, the speed made absolutely everything else at the time seem utterly pointless. And so, my interest became an obsession.

Now though, I want to throw the question in the title back to you guys: what was the car that made YOU fall in love with cars? Let me know by commenting below.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (192)

  • In 1993, I lived in an apartment in Troy, MO.

    I had no interest in cars to that point. The offerings, outside of unattainable exotics, were bland or hideous.

    I remember I was walking out the door to play with my friends, and on the television I heard a voice say “Dodge Viper”.

    I thought, “What car has a name that cool?!”.

    I looked at the television, and there was Jonathan Davis of “MotorWeek”, and a vehicle straight out of one of my comic books.

    From that moment on, I could think of nothing else.

    In fact, it wasn’t until the release of the first Gran Turismo game that I had any interest in cars other than the Viper line.

    Now, at 34, i am actively hunting down the perfect Viper to fulfill my dreams.

    I own several high power sports cars. Have driven and raced many Supercars and Super GT Cars... but NOTHING comes close to the Viper in my heart.

      2 years ago
  • Back in 1972, when i was in college, one weekend my college roommate had his buddies from Long Island come down to school. They were gear heads and one came down with a 67 Healey 3000 and the other one in a 65 Jaguar XKE. A year later my old roommate was getting married and when we were leaving the church to go to the reception, the guy who had the XKE asked me if I would drive it to the reception as he was in the wedding party and didn't want to leave it at the church...wow, as I cruised out on the Long Island Expressway top down and listened to the great sound of that XKE. In 1976 I wanted a XKE but it was a bit too rich for what I could afford, so I found a 67 Healey 3000, restored it and have "played" with cars ever since. I sold it in 1996, but still miss it!

      2 years ago
    • I actually purchased one of those also. Same color and year. Later sold it so I could purchase and E-type that needed restoration. Fun car and had very few problems with it.

        2 years ago
  • I remember the exact moment I became a petrolhead.

    It was 1968 & my Dad had to go to London for a brief business meeting. Because it was just before Christmas he agreed to take me with him so I could see Hamleys toy shop, so I was already excited. We drove in his Hillman Imp very early in the morning, with the mist still lying on the ground. As we bombed along the motorway in the rickety old Hillman we saw 2 round red lights glowing in the mist ahead at either end of what looked like a coffin floating above the tarmac. Dad hit the accelerator in the Imp to try and get closer and we shuddered alongside.

    It was a Ford GT40 in white with blue stripes, I'd never seen anything so beautiful. Behind the wheel was a guy wearing sunglasses and driving gloves who looked like the coolest guy on Earth. He looked around and saw the 5-year-old (me), staring in awe at this car and he smiled at me.

    He waved and floored the GT40 and I'll never forget the noise, like thunder.

    The GT40 disappeared in the mist as I tried to track the 2 round tail lights bolting for the horizon.

    I did eventually get to Hamleys and my Dad found a model of a white GT40 which I got for Christmas that year.

    ... and that's why I'm a petrol head, 50 years later.


      2 years ago
    • Awesome story. I fell into your story and could feel the mist and hear the roar. Very cool.

        2 years ago
    • Fantastic story. Thanks for sharing 😄

        2 years ago
  • For me it was the white Jaguar XJ-S used in the tv show “The Return Of The Saint” when I was about 7 years old. And the XJS is still top of my lottery win garage list now I would absolutely adore one. Well two as I wouldn’t be able to chose between coupe and convertible haha. Closely followed by an Alfa Romeo GTV6

      2 years ago
  • Between the Countach poster on my bedroom wall, The Trans Am from Smokey & the Bandit, and the leather/oily smell in Mums Morris 1100 :)

      2 years ago