What car should you buy if you won a million dollars?

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What should you buy if you won a million bucks in DraftKings' Thanksgiving Millionaire competition? Min. $5 Deposit. Eligibility restrictions apply. See DraftKings.com for details

You've just won $1m. What do you dream of when you go to sleep tonight?

  • A holiday
  • A new car
  • Quitting your job
  • Investing it

How much of the $1m would you share with your family?

  • None of it
  • $10,000 each to parents and siblings
  • $20,000 each to parents and siblings
  • I'd rather give some to my friends

Do you think having $1m in the bank would change you?

  • Yes, probably
  • No, I'd still be the same

What would you drink to celebrate your win?

  • Champagne
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • A soft drink

Where would you go to celebrate?

  • A tropical island
  • A European city
  • A ski resort
  • A race track

Would you stay in your job?

  • Yup
  • No thanks! I'm a MILLIONAIRE baby

What would be your first job around the home?

  • Build a swimming pool
  • Redecorate
  • Knock it down, start again

Before we give you your results – how'd you like a shot to actually win $1m?

  • Yes please!
  • No thanks

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