What car turned you into a petrolhead?

1y ago


Considering you're a user of DriveTribe or you simply follow us on social media, it's most likely that you have a decent amount of petrol running through your veins. You're probably that person who cuts short conversations in the street to scout out where that deep, thunderous exhaust note is coming from and whose phone image gallery is stacked full of your neighbour's Impreza WRX. But how did you become such a massive car fan?

I believe that at some point early in your life, you will have stumbled upon a lump of metal on four wheels, and the shape of a bonnet or the sharpness of a wing has grabbed your imagination, embedding the automotive world into your heart with a piston-shaped branding iron.

From that moment, the likes of Corgi, Hot Wheels or Burago were the probable next steps, leading to endless hours of carpet racing and wing mirror snapping. Last lap championship wins and twenty-car pileups will have been the norm through coffee table chicanes and lampshade hairpins, with a constant being that one specific car would always somehow cross the line first.

The next stage was probably the first car show where you saw the car in the metal for the first time, swiftly followed by a trip to the nearest model stand to try and convince your Dad to buy you the exact 1:43 copy to take home and add to your fleet.

Once you grow up and the stresses of life become more real and apparent, that single car will still sit in your memory and be a tranquil and inspiring thought, encouraging you through exams, money troubles and breakups, pushing you towards a potential future where that very car could sit in your garage at home.

For me, that spirit car was the Jaguar XK120. Having uncovered a Dinky model of one in the box of toys at my grandparent's place, it quickly became a design that imprinted itself in my mind as the car that would conjure the deep and never-ending passion that I have towards the entity of the automobile. Getting to see one up close for the first time made me obsessed with the smell of aging leather, the sound of a perfectly balanced straight-six engine and the functional yet sumptuous lines of William Lyon's design. This then created the platform for cars to become a huge part of my life as I matured and branched out my feelings towards other corners of the motoring universe.

I'll know I can retire as a happy man once that pert front grille, flowing front wing and the leaping cat ornament all sit on a set of white wall tyres in a warm, well lit garage.

Until then, the pace of the petrol flowing through my veins will forever be hastened simply by the sight of the Jag at any of the car shows that I frequent. And for the time being, it feels pretty good to have that level of passion for what may seem to some as just a mode of transport.

But never mind my ramblings, we want to hear what car began the process of filling your head with thoughts of spark plus, oil pumps and radiators. What car has moulded you into the petrolhead that you are today?

Tell us your automotive story in the comments below; we'd very much like to hear them.