What car would Mr. Bean drive in 2020?

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1y ago

Last week I rewatched every single Mr. Bean episode as I tend to do every single year, some may call it an illness, others a genius idea, but nevertheless I enjoy it.

Anyway, as I was watching them it occured to me,'I wonder what the people of DriveTribe would choose as his car if it was remade today?'

Yes, the yellow/green Mini has become an icon in the world of television, but what car would he drive if it were made today?

Would he still drive the same Mini? Would be drive a new Mini (but that's boring)? Or would he rock up to Harrods in a bright orange Aventador SV? The ball is in your court to come up with the best suggestion for what he would drive in 2020!

The best and most realistic comment will receive 250 Tribecoin as an award, so get commenting!

The winner of this competition will be announced on Sunday 25th of October.

Let's see your best suggestion!

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