What car would Mr. Bean drive in 2020? - Competition winner!

Why would it not be a Honda E?!

4w ago


Earlier last week, I posted a Tribecoin competition for you all. This one challenged you to come up with the car Mr. Bean would drive if it were filmed now.

Thank you to all 195 of you who commented, there were some great enteries, but I am afraid just one of you can win the 250 coin.

And as you can see from the header image, the Honda E has one. I mean it makes perfect sense doesn't it? It's green, it's small, it's quirky and it's cute. Okay, there are some complications such as it being an EV and having so much tech, but don't forget Mr. Bean would have learned how to use these things by now.

Also don't come at me for this being 'too new' of a car for Bean. I am well aware that the Mini he drove was far from new at the time but I'd like you to think of a more suitable choice! And please don't comment Gee Whiz...

Anyway, well done to Tommy Palmier who is now 250 tribecoin richer. Nice one mate!

Is the Honda E the best choice for a modern-day Bean?

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Comments (27)

  • Congrats

    Great idea, perfect car for Mr Bean

      28 days ago
    • Oh wow thanks haha!! You perfectly described my choice of car! Certainly the things that went through my mind and then, from nowhere this came up haha 😜 ;) thanks for the Tribecoins!

        28 days ago
    • They listened to me and gave you the Tribecoin!

        28 days ago
  • I should have got coins for my activism.

      28 days ago
  • Tbh I think he would drive something like a green Dacia sandero

      28 days ago
    • Mr bean is British, can’t be driving a Dacia as there is that mindset that you portray your own country’s industries despite Mini being owned by BMW. Think James Bond and Aston Martin, wouldn’t work with Ferrari for example.

        28 days ago
    • I agree with what your saying but that’s the same with the Honda E it’s not exactly British either not saying that the Honda E is a bad choice because it’s not its a great little car

        28 days ago
  • Needs to be a banger so I’d stick with a mini but may as well be one of the modern ones (kids can then relate) such as a 2001 model which you can actually buy for about £500!

      28 days ago
  • Well done

      28 days ago


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