What Cars are in your saved Searches?

eBay Saved searches say a lot about the sort of car people we are, a guide to our tastes

47w ago

Earlier, it struck me that Saved searches can be a cool way to get to know a person's car tastes, by seeing what their radar is always trying to pick up or just things they are mildly interested in.

Then, I thought that it would make a cool feature for DT, so here I find myself writing this article.

There must be over 80 different models on my list, so it wouldn't be practical to list them here. However, here are some highlights:

Isuzu Piazza Turbo

The Isuzu Piazza Turbo is high on my hit list, indeed it is my goal for this year. I only want unmolested, original UK cars with a manual gearbox so I will have to wait, however I am in contact with the club and my fingers are crossed. These cars just have such a clean shape and I love them. Unfortunately the tuning brigade especially loved their Limited Slip Diff so many were broken for drift projects, however they have a strong club who work to preserve these cars all over the world. These cars were always rare, with around 1500 sold in 6 years, and they rust everywhere so any survivor may need work, but their anonymity keeps prices low.

Morris Marina TC

The Morris Marina has been ruthlessly persecuted in the 21st century. Top Gear said it was bad and no one stopped to really question them, or rather, those that did were not heard. The Marina was a flawed car, and while it was not as innovative as the Allegro, it was no worse really than the equivalent Cortina of the day. It certainly doesn't deserve the treatment it got at the hands of Television. This brings me on to the TC, the Twin Carb sports model. I just love the way it looks, muscle car aping lines and smart steel wheels, with the all important vinyl roof. I know these cars were too quick for the chassis and therefore dangerous, but that doesn't mean I don't want one. The Marina is misunderstood, it has issues but it doesn't make it an awful car.

[Mitsubishi]Colt Cordia Turbo

The chances of me finding one of these is extremely thin, the survivors can be counted on your hand, and yet it still appeals and I am still on the hunt for one. These quirky cars featured an innovative gearbox arrangement, sort of like Overdrive but not quite known as 'Supershift' with modes for power and economy. It has lovely 80s graphics down the side and the boxy shape appeals to me. I always find UK market Japanese cars really interesting, whether it is the UK number plates, or just the region specific trim I think they look sublime

Vauxhall Cavalier SRi

Ah the Cavalier SRi, it doesn't really get more 80s than this, I think the Americans call it RAD, ironic given the events of 1986...

The SRi just looks really smart, sophisticated and fast. My father drove one back in the day and said it was a very good quality car. Once these were everywhere, but now they are very thin on the ground, poor rustproofing as usual can be blamed, as well as apathy and being popular with foolish drivers after cheap thrills. Despite this rarity they can be had for not much money, mainly because it doesn't have a Ford badge, hence I am very keen to get my hands on one and preserve it

Subaru Legacy Turbo

Now the UK never got the Legacy RS, despite it having a strong niche following in the late 80s/early 90s. However what we did get was the Legacy 2.0 Turbo, a wonderfully subtle performance saloon. I am not sure I love the boxer engine so revered by the Scooby gang, it doesn't seem to have the same character as the straight 5 used by the quattro which shaped my automotive tastes. That being said, UK Subarus fascinate me for reasons already mentioned, especially the pre-Impreza days when they were very much a niche brand (it could be argued they always have been) and they had some real quirky stuff, I should probably mention the XT Turbo and RX turbo (25 and 2 survivors respectively) which also get me excited.

Citroen Xantia Activa

This car should need no introduction, but it does. Citroen's marvellous Activa suspension system worked by combining hydraulic suspension spheres and cylinders with computer control to eliminate body roll completely. This car still holds the record for the fastest speed in the infamous Moose Test, completing it at 53mph, or 85km/h. This is faster than true sports cars can manage and is a true testament to the genius of Citroen, a last hurrah for crazy concepts. I want one of these not just because of this, but because of the way it looks. A slippery, clean shape the likes of which can only be dreamed of in today's age of antisocial Audis and over styled crossovers.

So what sort of person am I based on these choices?

While my saved searches are varied, from Austin Allegros to Mk4 Golf VR5s, I think this selection is telling of my tastes. I like cars that are left-field, quirky with interesting features, I like cars with style (or at least my sense of it) and cars that are useable. In addition I stick up for the underdogs. Basically I want to accumulate interesting Tat that has been forgotten, as well as other stuff that takes my fancy, my range is from the 1970s with the Marina and others, to the late noughties, with the Renaultsport Megane Mk1 (not the R26). There is a coincidental Japanese bias in this list which is perhaps not totally reflecting of my tastes, for example I also have:

The Rover 800 Vitesse (XX)

The Audi 80/90 quattro (B2/3)

The MG Montego

Citroen BX

and the obligatory Alfa:

Alfa Romeo 33 (not that one, this one:)

So then, what lies in your saved searches and what does it say about your automotive tastes? Or is this just a rubbish idea?

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Comments (23)

  • Never used the service, I prefer to stroll through dealerships and car yards in person. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      10 months ago
    • Fair enough, unfortunately not much interesting stuff in my locals

        10 months ago
    • That’d be a good reason to own a scooter or cheap hatchback and go explore further a field, more rewarding than browsing on a screen.

        10 months ago
  • Don't have any saved searches but would be...

    Maestro Turbo

    Montego Turbo

    Fiesta ST150

    Rover 200 BRM

    MG ZR 1.4


    MG ZS 180

    Rover 220 GTi Turbo

      5 months ago
    • The 220 Turbos are lethal, too much power for the front wheels, the normal twin cam is a much better drive

        5 months ago
    • Power is lovely, I want to put some black ZS 180 rims on one with a spoiler and do some engine mods to get it up to about 250-300bhp... lovely

        5 months ago
  • Suzuki Cappuccino

      10 months ago
  • I think I have a similar taste to you, my saved searches are somewhat left field (although slightly more normal. Peugeot 106 XS, Triumph Dolomite Sprint, a vast array of Rovers, Audi Quattro and Mustangs, usually listed from oldest to newest)

      10 months ago
    • Yes the XS, the forgotten hot hatch name. 309 XS is a particular gem

        10 months ago
    • Oh right! I like the 106 because I found one by accident when I was looking for my first car, and I also found out there was less than 100 left in the UK (and insurance was very cheap). Unfortunately that one sold (and hasn’t been MOT’d for a few...

      Read more
        10 months ago