- P​OV drive though downtown Dubai

W​hat cars do people drive in Dubai?

9w ago


D​ubai is one of those few megapolis that's left in the world where people love cars while at the same time, the city itself remains quite car friendly. Unlike most urban sprawls these days where owning/driving a car is more of a nightmare than pleasure, Dubai is inviting when it comes to automobiles and car culture. Add to that the bonus that you could anytime take a diversion off the main roads and head out into the desert, Dubai makes for a vastly diverse car culture that welcomes everything from Toyota taxis, to high-performance supercars to mall-crawling luxury SUVs that can be steered deep into the desert not so far away.

I​n the video below, I document my observations of the kind of cars you come across in the luxury and lifestyle capital of UAE, while enjoying a POV drive through downtown Dubai in a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2.

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