What cars does Richard Hammond own?

He’s apparently already sold his Tesla


It's fair to say that Richard Hammond doesn't have the world's best luck when it comes to cars. Especially so when it comes to Morgans. And Rimacs.

Back in the mid 2000s, during the golden age of Top Gear, our very own Richard Hammond bought a Morgan Aeromax… and crashed it. Many, many years later – last year in fact – he purchased a Morgan Plus Six, which we (as in, Drivetribe users) helped him spec, but that was destroyed in a flood. Doy.

Having sung a requiem for Hammond’s Morgans, I thought it’d be interesting to put together a list of cars Richard actually still owns. Here's a list – and remember to check out his upcoming discovery+ series, Richard Hammond's Workshop. It's Hammond, but fixing old cars. What could possibly go wrong?

1962 Jaguar E-Type

James May is perpetually trying to buy Hammond’s Jaaaaaaag E-Type but he hasn’t succeeded [yet], which means Richard is still the proud owner of a light blue Jaguar E-Type, arguably one of the most sought-after classic cars ever.

Richard reportedly treated himself to his E-Type back in 2009, to celebrate his 38th[+2] birthday. He apparently paid £50,000 for it. It sounds like a good deal, considering an equivalent E-Type will probably cost you eleventy trillion billion in today’s market.

1968 Ford Mustang GT 390

Richard has owned his classic Mustang since… forever. He must’ve mentioned it a million times, even on old Top Gear.

His V8-powered (the 6.4-litre one) Ford Mustang (in Highland Green) also made an appearance on Drivetribe’s YouTube channel during one of Britain’s [numerous] lockdowns, when he test drove it… in his yard.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to talk about Oliver because everyone in the known universe knows Richard owns a 1963 Opel Kadett nicknamed ‘Oliver’ that he originally acquired for a TG special in Botswana.

Then I changed my mind and decided to talk about it for one simple reason: this is probably the only car he’s never going to sell. Oliver is like a pet. He won’t get rid of it.

1950s Land Rover Series I

This is yet another vehicle that Hammond has owned since the dawn of time. In a recent Drivetribe video, he says he’s owned it for “20 years” but I think it’s more than that.

It’s in terrible condition, as Hammond himself put it: “you can see how it ‘flourished’ under my stewardship.”

It’s a beautiful Army Green Land Rover Series I - and when I say ‘beautiful’, I mean decrepit - with a wheels made of iron and a beige [and sagging] soft top. Gorgeous.

Jaguar XK120 and XK150

Well, yes, technically that’s two cars, not one, but I reckon I might as well include both in this 2-for-1 meal deal because both are Jags, both come straight from the 50s (sort of) and both were featured on Drivetribe‘s YouTube channel. And both are being restored as part of Hammond’s project.

The XK120 (first launched in 1948) and the XK150 (1957) are two beautiful drophead coupes that are guaranteed to cause a headache if you’re actually trying to restore them but they’re worth it because they’re handsome.

Let’s just say that both require attention and progress has been rather slow. Hopefully Hammond’s restoration business – The Smallest Cog – will help. Stay tuned for his upcoming series, Richard Hammond's Workshop, to see what else he gets his hands on…

What is your favourite car from Richard Hammond’s car collection?

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  • I've realized that you can, to some degree, tell how old someone is based on what they mean by "old Top Gear." I'm not quite old enough to think of it as the regional program hosted by Angela Rippon (let's call that v1.0). I think of it as the one where Tiff Needell reviewed the McLaren F1 (v1.1). What you refer to as "old Top Gear" I think of as v2.1 (v2.0 would be series 1 without James May). The current version would be v3.2, with v3.1 being Matt, Chris and Rory, and v3.0 being the Chris Evans version.

    Now we have that cleared up, let's rank them:

    1. Clarkson / May / Hammond (v2.1)

    2. Matt / Chris / Rory (v3.1)

    3. Clarkson / Dawe / Hammond (v2.0)

    4. Tiff et. al. (v1.1)

    5. Rippon (v1.0)

    6. Evans (v3.0)

    7. Flintoff / Harris / McGuinnes (v3.1)*

    *I stopped watching when they dropped Rory

      1 month ago
  • And of course Tiff often shows up in videos on the DriveTribe YouTube channel.

      1 month ago
  • I don't think Hammond's never gonna get rid of Oliver. I think he would probably want to be buried in it.

      1 month ago
  • I hope he never, ever gets rid of Oliver.

      1 month ago