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  • I would focus on a certain size and price range , around the middle of the market, and I would just get them up to MoT standard and sell them to fellow tribers who are watching their pennies.

    MGAs: MGs best ever.

    MGB GTs Mrs. Thatcher was a savvy buyer.


    Escorts ,

    Crosley 4 x 4s : Dwight Eisenhower knew a good light weight farm utility when he saw one .

    Willys Jeep and then through CJ series to CJ 8

    Chevy C10 six cyl .

    1st gen Range Rover only .

    Jeremy was right.

    Ferrari no newer than the mid β€˜80s 308 GTB

    Jeremy was right.

    60s and 70s Chevy Novas ; just ask Dave Schwartz of rent a wreck .

    64 to 67 Mustang . again ask Dave Schwartz.

    70s Ford Maverick .

    Anything by AMC or Rambler .

    Nothing from Aston Martin after the DB2

    50s Plymouth Belvedere.

    1st gen Chrysler mini van

    Any Studebaker car , and definitely get a Studebaker Champ as a shop truck .

    Any and all Holden Toranas.

    Any six cyl Holden Commodore except from aug 2004 to the end .

    Any β€˜60s Holden.

    Any Kingswood based Holden One Tonner .

    Any log head 6 cyl Ford Falcon

    Any cast iron cross flow 6 cyl Ford Falcon .

    Any Ford Telstar .

    Mike Fernies model Mondeo .

    Any Ford Courier from mid 70s to 2007 .

    No Ford Rangers .

    They are a ridiculous idea, the Raptor is imbecilic , and are stupendously over priced for their capabilities, and very pointless .

    The 90s 4x4 Couriers drive better on rough roads .

    I drove one for 2 months on corrugated roads and it was sturdy and fit for purpose .

    Any Buick Skylark .

    60s Buick Electra 225s

    60s Buick Sportswagon .

    Any front wheel drive Buick Riviera V6 .

    First and 2nd gen Ford Taurus .

    Early lower powered land rovers .

    And anything from this garage under the barn :

      27 days ago
  • An old Land Rover

      29 days ago
  • Please no due dates. No fake crap to create any drama.

      27 days ago
  • Don't buy an old British classic, they are shit

      28 days ago
  • Nm, bring back to how fresh it was when it left the factory

      22 days ago