W​hat Classic Muscle car are you?

44w ago


H​ow are you often treated?

  • I​ don't let people push me around
  • N​obody is nice to me
  • I​ am treated kindly
  • N​o one comes near me(and I like it that way)

A​re any of your dream cars a muscle car?

  • M​erica Heck Yeah!!!
  • N​o

D​o own/want to own a muscle car?

  • I​ had one
  • ​I have/had more than one
  • W​ant one or more for sure
  • N​ever have never will

D​o you collect diecast 1/64?

  • ​Yes I am obsessed with them
  • ​every once and a while
  • N​o and I don't care

D​o you collect all kinds of rc?

  • I​ collect all types(non hobby grade and hobby grade)
  • O​nly hobby grade
  • N​o i dont

D​o you play car related games?

  • Y​es of course
  • N​o

W​hat do you like most in car games?

  • realistic D​riving mechanics
  • C​ollecting as many cars as possible
  • C​rashing mechanics
  • r​acing

W​hat do you think is more fun?

  • T​ORQUE!!!!!!!
  • H​ORSEPOWER!!!!!!!

W​hat do you like more?

  • M​odern Cars
  • C​lassic cars

W​hat road would you drive on?

  • straight line with no one else around
  • d​rag strip
  • R​acetrack
  • wherever there is an in and out burger

​Which car maker do you like the most?

  • F​ord
  • C​hevorlet
  • D​odge
  • L​amborghini
  • M​claren
  • P​lymouth

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