What country are you?

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Based on your personality, what country are you?

How often do you get sick?

  • Never, im always healthy
  • Ocassionally
  • Frequently
  • All the time

When you do get sick, how bad is it?

  • At worst, a common cold
  • so yesterday i found out I had pneumonia or something serious
  • So I didnt felt well and I got total organ failiure
  • When my health drops, I die

How do you solve problems?

  • With ductape, prayers and a hammer
  • A proper solution
  • A solution with multiple flaws
  • Solve the problem so much that it creates more problems to be solved

What is your favorite drink?

  • Beer
  • ţuica
  • Whisky
  • Wine
  • Vodka
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Questionable Alcohol

How much do you eat?

  • I have no apetite
  • Normaly
  • Yes

Do you wear your seatbelt

  • Yes, all the time
  • Only if im in front/most of the time
  • Rarely/Only if there are police
  • No seatbelts, we die like real men

Are airbags important?

  • Yes I need 10 of them in my car
  • 2 In the front and maybe a bit in the sides should be enough
  • No airbags we die like real men.

How do you like your hats?

  • I dont like hats
  • German military hat
  • beret
  • Coppola
  • Military beret
  • Ushanka
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Turban
  • Rice paddy hat
  • Sombrero
  • Caciula
  • Top hat

What are your clothing preferences

  • T shirt
  • Suit
  • Casual but fasionable
  • Second hand clothes

How wealthy are you?

  • 3rd world country poor
  • Poor but meh
  • Moderately wealthy
  • Very wealthy

What would be your perfect driving road?

  • Twisting mountain roads
  • Long highways
  • Coastal highways
  • Countryside roads
  • City
  • Isolated paved roads
  • In the middle of nowhere

How would you describe your personality

  • OCD, hard working
  • Efficient and simple
  • Romantic, fasionable
  • Polite and elegant
  • Romantic, expressive
  • Concerned, sensitive, aware
  • Cheerful, expressive
  • Cold outside, warm inside
  • Hard working, dilligent
  • Messy and chaotic yet unique
  • Conformist
  • Generally positive and chill
  • Quirky and unique

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