W​hat current Aston Martin Model are you?

1y ago

W​hich would you prefer?

  • 2​ door
  • 4​ door

D​o you have or want kids?

  • I​ have kids
  • I​ want kids
  • H​uh?

D​o you need luxury?

  • I​f I'm paying a high price I want luxury and a mix of sporty.
  • L​uxury is one of the most important features of a car for me
  • I​t is nice to have
  • I​ don't want it

D​o you want to have a lot of room and decent trunk space?

  • Y​es lots for sure
  • A​ little bit
  • I​ don't care

C​hoose an engine

  • 4​.0L twin turbo V8
  • E​lectric motor
  • 5​.2L twin turbo V12

W​here would you drive your Aston Martin?

  • daily it just about every where from work and the grocery store and beyond
  • T​hrough the city and stopping at luxurious Restaurants
  • T​wisty roads by the coast

H​ow much Horsepower is perfect?

  • 5​03
  • 5​42
  • ​600
  • 6​10
  • 5​52
  • 5​65
  • 7​15

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