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What defines a "fast car"?

A quick PSA for the people that were in the dark before

2y ago

Let's jump straight into it, your cousins tuned BMW 330i isn't fast, no in fact its average, so average that it would blend in at a farmers market on a sunday morning!

In 2008 we used to consider anything sub 6 seconds as "fast", but if you have eyes you will have seen its 2018 and ten years in the future that isn't so anymore.

The B7 Audi RS4 and E90 BMW M3 both did 0-100 in about 4.8 seconds - that is quick, but it isn't fast by todays standards anymore. Acceleration times go with the cars, if a Ford Focus RS can manage 0-100 in under 5 seconds, then manufacturers are going to step up their game to make sure the times correspond the higher up the food chain you are.

You may be able to keep up with a car from 2008 but race a car from 2018 and you'll be left standing like a teenage boy after his first kiss.

Yes your car may feel "fast" but if its a hot hatch or a modern small turbocharged car, youre most likely just being tricked by clever engineering.

Let me explain

Modern hatchbacks are built to be wild and exciting, you get FWD wheelspin and your neck breaks when the turbos kick in, you might even get bucket seats to make it feel like the real thing, but it isn't. And I realized how badly I was mislead after driving my first fast car. I thought "well I have been in a 350HP renault Megane RS, this is cake" then the 600HP LS engine downshifted and I accidentally impregnated the seat.

It's different in every way possible and the quicker the hot hatchbacks and entry level "QUICK" cars get, the faster the higher level "Fast" cars get.

Its great that we can now experience speed, that - a couple years ago only supercars were capable of, for the small amount of 69 chicken nuggets, but honestly, If I hear about how a tuned Ford Focus RS with 400HP, a frankenstein turbo and made of lightweight aluminium driftwood is quicker than a Lambo Huracan, I might just develop ear Chlamydia.

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Comments (6)

  • I got one question... What was the 600HP LS engine in? No reason, just curious.

      2 years ago
  • I think fast is sort of subjective. For instance the fastest car I've been in was an SRT Viper. I thought that was pretty fast but if you compare that to a Koenigsegg or a Bugatti, its much slower. Clearly any car that is slower than 5-6 seconds to 60 is not very fast, but all the cars than are faster get their own categories.

      2 years ago
  • So... youre saying that you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve grown past amateur/immature generalizations and got woke to the fact that fast is entirely up to the driver and not any mass produced product with money in it? A 15-sec Nürburgring time is INSANITY FAST if we’re talking a Citroen 2CV did it, but when the ID R manages, say, “only a 5:25 ‘Ring run (5 mins), well, Meh. Even the tuned Hurracan Performante isn’t “fast” without the right driver.

    Wait until you get to the next step: when you can afford to buy that Corvette and grow accustomed to the 600hp LS, tracking it, hustling it, and improving your times/abilities over at least 3 years. Then that impregnated seat will ask for child support because you’ll be thinking your car is too slow and gaze upon that one guys’ Henessey tuned ZR1... then EV’s... then jet engines... then EV-jets with trust vectoring and afterburning quad-plants... it’ll never end, just like the drivers. Today it might be Loeb and Lewis, but tomorrow? There are kids being raised in ways Emmanuel Fangio wouldn’t even have dreamt, and their times will prove it superhuman... that is until the next batch comes on. Enjoy your Megane/whatever, as that’s the only thought that will repay you.

      2 years ago
  • It's astonishing how quick the new breed of cars have been the past few years.

      2 years ago
  • Honestly fast or quick is an opinion that is different based on who you ask. If you ask me I will give an answer based on what the car is classified as (I.e. Hot Hatch, sedan, SUV etc.).

      2 years ago