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What did Chevrolet really think about Ford?

This 1952 sales video is downright savage!

It isn't really all that surprising to find out that manufactures sent out promotional materials to dealerships that were full of propaganda. What is surprising to find out is just how brutal they could be in their description of the competition. The following video is a small piece of automotive history that is interesting because it shows just how mean spirited the Big 3 could be towards one another.

From styling, to engine vibration, even how the starter operates, the Chevrolet propaganda department was working overtime for these!

"...Whats more: Reports indicate that Ford is planning to discard the L head V8 in the near future, probably as soon as the company finds out whether it can build precision valve in head engines of satisfactory quality in volume..." (time index 5:55 to 6:09)

The above statement is likely in regard to the fact that Chevy may have known Ford was planning on unveiling a new engine in 1954. The engine Ford would come up with, the Y-block, would come out a year before the small block Chevrolet V8 was released in 1955. It turns out Ford was able to build the design they came up with in satisfactory volume, but the quality wasn't where it needed to be. I can only imagine what the video Chevy released in '55 was like!

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Art by: Chris Breeden

Art by: Chris Breeden

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