- Ford GT at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2015.

What did the review Flood of the new Ford GT tell us?

Autocar, Drivetribe, Doug DeMuro and Carfection talk Ford Gt.

Embargos of car manufacturers for the media are not only painful for the magazine that wants to push out its verdicts about the hottest of the most recent sports cars. Viewer, like us, are being flooded with tests of the same car in our social media feeds and car related news apps. The most recent case of this problem occurred to me with last weeks release of several reviews in my YouTube inbox about the 2017 Ford GT which is limited to 1000 units. After watching not only one but all of them, this is what I think are the most important facts.

A Ford GT in the GTE-class at last years 6-hours race at the Nürburgring.

A Ford GT in the GTE-class at last years 6-hours race at the Nürburgring.

After three out of the five contestants showed a flashback to Ford´s 1966 LeMans win, only Autocar tells us a bit more about the story of the new Ford GT. Because, Ford initially tried the LeMans comeback with a Mustang. Declaring the pony car for too heavy, they had no other choice than starting from scratch. 3,5-litres of a V6 twin-turbo producing 647 hp with a detuned GTE-version (less than 500 hp in racing trim) thanks to the balance of performance (BoP). But when it gets to the 0-60 time, things already start to diverge. Autocar states 2,8 seconds, DeMuro 3,2 seconds and Carfection thinks its dealt with in "well under three seconds". So, thank you. Thank you for nothing.

Talking about facts: just look at the nice way Autocar did it:

Autocar´s way of showing data. I like.

Autocar´s way of showing data. I like.

Same diversity as for the 0-60 time is present for the feeling of the drivetrain. Loud but not tuneful, says Jethro Bovingdon from Drivetribe. He compares it to a Ferrari 458 Speciale and sees some "compromises" in the road going version, which the GTE-class racing GT is responsible for. DeMuro on the other hand says, that this car is amazing, he loves the sound and loves driving it on the track. Bovingdon and other journalists agree, that this car is way more at home on the race track. In this case it´s the Utah Motorsport Campus/ Ford´s Experience Centre. Drivetribe showed a short onboard footage of a lap on the small circuit. "Best lap" is stated witha 1:43,394 min. The 3,52 kilometer course (2,5 miles) is pretty unknown to the trackday community as it seems. Just one video on YouTube could give me a hint on the performance of the Ford GT.

A Noble M400 (with pretty serious mods such as an enormous rear wing) laps the course in 1:41,05. So what we´ve seen in Drivetribe´s video is not a hotlap at all.

Facts that didnt fail to amaze any of the presenters were the carbon fibre tub with the build in rollcage, the resulting light weight, five driving modes to choose from (Normal/Wet/Sport/Track/V-Max) and an amazingly quick adjusting of the ride height.

This is the kind of footage that makes DeMuro so special. But be aware, he is talking you through the not very large storage compartment (like other magazines do in hatchback comparisons) and points out the positioning of the rear view mirrors. Which leads us to another point. Rear visibility is not a feature why you decide to buy a supercar and will probably never be. DeMuro says that there is great rear visibility (until he switched to track-mode and the rear wing deployed) whereas Carfection states that the visibility up front is better than expected while it is not really helping to take a look in the mirrors.

This last paragraph is dedicated to the road test. It is fair to say that road-going racecars tend to be not the best performing ones on the public road. But this cars chassis seems to be good enough to make presenters use the term "amazingly comfortable" when it comes to ride quality. What really annoyed most of the journalists was the noise in the car that came from the engine (not the nice noises, the ones that rattle a bit... racecar noises which I would rather like) the brakes, wind and tires. So, the verdict is: If you want a grand tourer, don´t buy this. Buy something less racecar and more Leicester. But if you already are a KTM X-Bow owner, love trackdays, win the lottery and find someone who will give you the car for a ridiculous amount of money without Ford´s permission: this car is for you. A racecar with its roots in current and past endurance racing and a homologation version of it: the Ford GT.

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