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What diet is most like your car?

If your car was a diet/way of eating, what would it be? Low carb? Superfoods? Vegan?

3y ago

Think about a car. Any car.

If you could describe that car as a diet or way of eating, what would it be?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Post your car's diet (or your dream car's) AND TELL US WHY

• Low Carb (lackluster power)

• High Fiber (piece of crap)

• High Fat (needs high-octane fuel)

• Intermittent Fasting (goes fast on weekends; often stalls)

• Grazing (have to fill up the fuel tank all the time)

• Vegan (electric: no dead-dinosaur petrol)

• Omnivorous (hybrid)

• Breatharian (runs on air; completely imaginary)

• Crunchy Granola (hippie car)

• Well-balanced (efficient)

• Superfoods (supercar)

My 4-door Civic falls into the Well-balanced diet category. Slightly boring but highly adequate. My old beloved Beetle was clearly a Crunchy Granola, also dabbling quite heavily in Low Carb.

Post the diet that matches your car (or your dream car) and your comments as to why!

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