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    What Direction Is The Cadillac Brand Going In?

    Some photos have recently made their way onto the Interweb and I'm not sure Cadillac wanted them there. Here's why.

    2y ago


    With the news in the automotive world covering so many angles of the upcoming C8 generation Corvette that from the naked eye, it looks like a circle, it can be tricky to find information on other cars. However, as more and more information about the mid-engined muscle car sufaces, it seems that other American car manufacturers are jumping on the train heading towards the 21st century.

    In fact, some very special images have popped up showing a new key design sporting the Cadillac Badge. What makes this key so special is the sudden appearance of a second separate boot locking button. Now, there are two possibilities as to what this means. Both are pretty big as they could decide the direction of the Cadillac brand – or at least part of it – moving forward.

    The first thing this could mean is the introduction of an electric model into the future line-up of the company. As we all know, the size of an electric motor is much smaller than an internal combustion engine. Furthermore, the batteries can be spread out over the bottom of the car. This is how Tesla for example manage to get 2 boots and 5 seats inside their models. This is possibly the less major hypothesis as they have already introduced a plug-in hybrid with the CT-6 and an all electric version is a logical step forward from this.

    The second possibility, and the one everyone is excited for is the potential of it being a mid-engined roadster. Obviously, this would go against most of Cadillac’s image as builders of large, long-distance cruisers built for comfort. This being said, there have been the odd attempt by the auto maker to venture into the sports car world. The main example of this would have to be the Cadillac Cien concept car from 2003 fitted with a 720bhp V12 mounted just behind the driver’s head. A convertible, mass produced version of this would most certainly be of interest to a lot of car enthusiasts.

    This is the Cadillac Cien concept car that was released in 2003. It was meant to be an out and out supercar with scissor doors, a V12 engine and rear wheel drive. Not to mention 720hp!

    This is the Cadillac Cien concept car that was released in 2003. It was meant to be an out and out supercar with scissor doors, a V12 engine and rear wheel drive. Not to mention 720hp!

    Either way, this is very exciting news for the automotive giant as it will help develop both new ideas for the other brands in the GM group. For example, we could see Buick make an electric city car to compete with the likes of Tesla and Mercedes. We may see Holden bring a mid-engined car to the V8 Supercars series as the championship gets more flexible in its car rules.

    What do you think this key spy-shot means for the next Cadillac? And will it be revolutionary for the entire GM Group?

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    • Cadillac should not forget it's roots! Back in the Cadillac was something special! You couldn't get a Cadillac engine in for instance a Chevy or a Buick, or in fact any other GM brand. I think, they should become something like this again.

        2 years ago
    • Interesting assertion, good stuff. Do you mind >>> www.facebook.com/dtrlounge/ ?

        2 years ago
    • Is circles a direction or a shape?

        2 years ago
    • Makes sense as they run the Cadillac DPI prototypes in the American Le Mans series.

        2 years ago


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