Both cars and watches have been huge passions for many people dating back many decades. It is no surprise that watches have been around longer than cars but as of today, they seem to be on par when it comes to popularity and collectability.

To have a fancy car and a swanky watch appears to be the staple for many successful people around the world, not to mention the dreaded 'influencer'. That aside, I think it does make a difference when you are proud of a piece of well engineered work of art you own. This can be whether you have a Ferrari 250 GTO and a Patek Philippe Nautilus or a Honda S2000 and a Tudor Black Bay. Both scenarios are equally as exciting in my opinion.

So, what makes watches and cars so similar? Well, I think it is only right to start with the mechanical and engineering aspect of them. If you are into your watches you will know what I mean when I talk about a well engineered mechanical watch. There is something just so satisfying about watching an open-back movement swing around then looking even closer at all the tiny intricate screws placed around the movement to hold everything in place.

This goes the same for cars. All you car lovers will appreciate a well put together and maintained engine. That is whether it is an Austin Mini or a Lexus LFA. What is nice about this space is the love for all types of watches and cars too. They really go hand in hand with one another.

With the love for cars and watches being such a niche market in its own right, I find it really heartwarming to meet others with the same passion. There is no better feeling than someone noticing a car you are driving or a watch you are wearing which no one else notices is of any value other than a bit of metal. Let's say I drove down the street in a Rover 200 BRM with my arm out the window wearing a Rolex Milgauss (a very underrated Rolex in my opinion), there are only a handful of people who would know just how cool that was.

Another reason why people seem to enjoy both watches and cars is because they are essentially collectable works of art. Not everyone buys a watch or a car because it will go up in value which means there are some people who buy it just because they like it. This is what creates these subcultures in both scenarios and helps to define a person. You have Honda fans, Ferrari fans, Rolex fans and Seiko fans. There is such an extensive love for these things and I find that fascinating.

But it becomes even more connected than that. You see, many car manufacturers have worked alongside car companies to produce unique and exciting watches. Instead of going on about them, I'll rattle them off and you can google the ones you find most interesting.

My favourite watch/car partnerships are:

- Oris X Audi Sport

- Bulgari X Maserati

- Richard Mille X McLaren

- Breitling X Bentley

- Baume and Mercier X Shelby Cobra

- Tag Heuer X Formula One

- Bremont X Jaguar

- Roger Dubious X Lamborghini

- Tag Heuer X Aston Martin

- Hublot X Ferrari

Of course there are lots more partnerships, but I find these really exciting. Another parallel between watches and cars are the prices. They both have expensive and cheap options. To put that into perspective and for arguments sake let's say that Ferrari is the same as Rolex and Toyota is the same as Seiko.

Yes, Ferrari make some amazing cars but so does Toyota. Now, Toyota don't always have the chance to show off what they can really do but they have done with Lexus. Seiko too have done this with Grand Seiko. Many people would have a Grand Seiko GMT over a Rolex Submariner and I'm sure lots of people would rather have a Lexus LFA than a Ferrari 458. Do you see what I'm getting at?

If you couldn't tell already, I quite like both watches and cars and no, I couldn't choose just one car and watch for the rest of my life but if I had to I guess it would be along the lines of a Rolex GMT Master II and a Porsche 911 but I can assure you this will have changed by tomorrow.

I would love to know what you think about watches and cars...

Tell me about it in the comments!

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