What do I think of Jaguar's current line-up?

Here's what I think of the current batch of JAAAAAAAAGS

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It's a decent if slightly uninteresting car. The only hugely interesting thing about it, is the fact it's an EV. It's got a good nice design, but as a Jaguar, it should be putting out all the stops. A fairly average car, but for some, that's all they'll really want.


I was skeptical when Jaguar first announced that they'd start making SUVs. SUVs are Land Rover's thing, not Jaguar's. But the F-Pace, perhaps in part due to Jaguar's partnership with Land Rover, is quite a nice car.

I rather like the design, it's got this Jaguar feel to it. From car reviewers, I've heard great things about the F-Pace and if I wanted a SUV with a high-riding position, then I'd certainly consider the F-Pace.


It's alright. I suppose what the E-Pace is to the F-Pace is a bit like what the Porsche Cayenne is to the Porsche Macan. The smaller one, just doesn't have the same impact. Small SUVs are more or less fashion statements, and a Macan is far superior to this Jag.

That being said, it's decent. But if you have to have a Jag SUV, why get this one?


How can you not the like the F-Type? This is a proper Jaguar, it's marvellously designed and is genuinely sporty and exciting. The F-Type has taken numerous guises since it was first introduced in 2013 and it still receives very positive reviews from critics and fans alike. I remember when the F-Type was first on sale in 2013 and I saw Top Gear give it a review. Jeremy Clarkson reviewed it and gave it a very positive review. That being said, the F-Type has been around for some time and could do with being replaced in the next few years, which I'm sure will happen. The F-Type is brilliant and one of Jaguar's best cars in years.


It's a terrific car, though its presence has been diminished somewhat by the lack of XJ in the Jaguar line-up. Has the XF filled the hole vacated by the XJ? Well, the XF still looks superb and appeals to stereotypical Jag drivers, perhaps to an extent only rivalled by the F-Type.


Since Tata Motors got hold of Jaguar, sales have been increasing. Sales have been especially good for the XE, I'm obviously speaking anecdotally but I see XEs a lot when I'm out, more than any other Jag. That alone, must count for something. I suppose the XE is quite a dependable car, though not necessarily the best in its class. A Mercedes-Benz C Class would be preferable to this. But the XE is still a great car, the standard is just very high. Considering how high XE sales have been, I've seen surprisingly little said about this Jag. Is it an underrated Jag or a car that deserves to be ignored?


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