What do I think of the top German car marques in 2021?

Are the likes of VW, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz still producing top level cars or do things need to shaken up?


I've always been an Audi fan, but in the last few years I've become a bigger fan of Audi than any of their German rivals. I think a lot of their current cars are pretty great, the E-Tron GT being an especially interesting car. The S and RS ranges are looking great, with some of the best cars made today coming from this wing of Audi. I think the RS7 is great, if I could, I'd snap one up faster than you could say Vosprung Durch Technik.

Design-wise, the Audis of present are looking mostly great. Apart from the Q4 E-tron. I think Audi are heading in the right direction and I'm looking forward to seeing what cars are coming up.


I never really used to "get" Porsche. But now, I do. Though this doesn't mean I'm suddenly a massive Porsche enthusiast, but I can certainly understand why Porsche fans are so enthusiastic about Stuttgart's finest. I think a lot of Porsche's current range is very good, the Cayenne and the Macan don't impress me much but they're by no means bad cars. They just pale in comparison to the rest of the Porsche range and honestly, they don't feel like Porsches. The Taycan is a superb looking car. Having recently attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I saw several in person and it looks simply superb. The teardrop esc headlights are a particular favourite part of mine.

The 911 remains great (of course it does) and the Panamera has never looked better. So, Porsche's doing well I'd say.


A lot has been said about BMW's design language of late and it's really not *that* bad. It's a tad poorly realised, but it's not the worst thing ever. BMW are alright, I'd say. The M4 and M5 remain great cars but compared to Porsche and Audi, I'd say BMW have somewhat disappeared into the background. So, maybe BMW need to be a little more creative. And yes, the iX looks horrid but aside from that, BMWs don't look too bad. But it's a far distance from the good looking Audis and Porsches of today. BMW have a bit of work to do...


Another German marque that I'm a fan of. I honestly cannot dislike Mercedes, even if they do occasionally make a stinker (but which car marque in general hasn't?). The new S-Class is sublime and the new C-Class is good if a little unremarkable. The Benz cars still mostly turn heads and their more high-end cars are especially impressive. Their lower end cars don't inspire quite as much. But I have to stress that Mercedes-Benz are producing good cars, the S-Class and the AMG A45 being highlights.

And who can forget Benz's interiors? Superb.

So, aside from a few minor faults, Mercedes-Benz are continuing to do what they do best.


It's strange that I have nothing that overly positive to say about VW. There's nothing dreadful to say, but VW is being overshadowed by its rivals, and not just those closer to home. The Golf GTi remains great, but I'd rather have a Toyota GR Yaris. The Golf R is however, a superb car. Aside, the Golf R (which I really like), I haven't got much else to obsess over. The ID4 is fine, as is the ID3 but there are still teething problems. The ID3 has an interior which seems determined to fall apart at some stage.

I'm making it sound like I loathe VW, I don't. I don't think any car fan could loathe VW, one of the world's most recognisable car companies. It's however, recognisable for a reason. Their track record is very impressive. But currently, I don't really care about a lot of what VW have on offer. But being VW, I'm sure things will bounce back.



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  • You have opinions that i agree whith my favorite of each brand

    Audi : R8

    Bmw: M8

    Mercedes-Benz : S Class

    Porsche: Panamera Sport Turismo

    Volkswagen: Arteon Shooting Break

    Smart: Absolutely nothing I hate all of theme

      2 months ago