What do Petrolhead car Salesmen drive?

25 years and 5000 car sales. I still don't know what I want to drive. Why I am the wrong man to ask.

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I started selling cars in my early 20's for car Dealer in Manchester, England. Around 1996 and was a bit fortunate in where I went and the people I met. Generally I would sell 250 + used cars every year. Each one having a part exchange and every customer requiring a test drive. Add in the other cars on the forecourt and I have driven a lot of stuff.

The Best cars to drive were the part exchanges for me. Highlights include a GMC Cyclone, Morris Minors, Rover 90's, Mitsubishi Turbos, Cosworths and all sorts of other stuff. One benefit of driving a part exchange was there was normally a little fuel in them. On my Day off I would always take what was interesting. This gave me a huge passion for interesting engineering or unusual technology. My favourite being Vtec and 4ws over big heavy stuff.

My car passion started when I was much younger. Even before the motor trade I had some interesting vehicles, Mini's, Mini Vans and Mini Mokes being my favourites. Obviously having a car habit early on, my parents said I was always trading toy cars (at a loss).

In our family i have become the car guru. Why I am not 100% sure because I change my own car very regularly. In 30 years I have had over 100 and only three that have lasted two years or more. In my eyes, I'm not the one to ask really. However people do because I have owned so many and driven 1000's of cars. Maybe 10'000 cars. After owning Ladas and Porsches, Land Rovers and Corvettes. I can say the best ones are the ones I used.

So like most people I advise buy a car for your situation not how you want to be perceived. What does a car need to do? In my case its occasional transport for 3 people with space for mountain bikes, good in poor conditions, so for the last few years its been Estates and 4wd's. I love the safety of a 4wd and the space. Living in West Yorkshire on a hill that is higher than the highest motorway in Britain, a 4wd can be useful in winter.

So after a spell with a Jimny and a previous Octavia 4wd I need some performance back. Im not bothered about age, as long as the car is good or low miles and the condition is good. A old volvo would do the trick except they are not 4wd, and if its a awd Volvo its done big miles normally.

I have my eye on a Spec.B Legacy Estate. Basically a Porsche 911 in reverse, 6 cylinder boxer engine, 3.0 and 250BHP. Torque that looks modern day. A great getaway car as it really does not stand out as anything special, until you check the details.

Maybe you can recommend something for me. The best car though is still the one with someone else's petrol in it.

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