What do the Pope and James May have in common?

The Pope has joined James May in going hydrogen-powered!

1y ago

The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has been known for having some rather special and interesting cars as a part of his fleet. He even once had a Lamborghini Huracan and a Mercedes G-Wagon. But it looks as if he is swaying away from those gas guzzlers and moving more towards hydrogen power instead.

So yes, the new Popemobile is in fact a Toyota Mirai, which you might have heard of before as James May happens to own one too, but in blue and without the 'Pope mods'. This includes the whopping 2.7 metre high roof...

In fact, this specially modified Toyota Mirai was delivered as a gift from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan (CBCJ) for the Pope to cruise around in.

The delivery ceremony took place near the Pope’s residence in the Vatican City, with Senior Vice President of Toyota Motor Europe Miguel Fonseca and Toyota Motor Italia CEO Mauro Caruccio representing Toyota.

There were also some other important people there including Rev. Father Domenico Makoto Wada representing the CBCJ, and Seiji Okada, Japan’s Ambassador to the Holy See.

The Mirai is good for around 310 miles (500 km) of range while emitting only water as it is hydrogen powered after all.

Is this the best Popemobile yet?

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  • That human hates capitalism - why does one exploit what one can’t tolerate? He’s a public fraud. And lousy at finding women’s gee-spots

      1 year ago
  • OMG the Pope’s on the dead end HFCV bandwagon too! 😳

      1 year ago
  • Toyota Mirai by day, Lamborghini Huracan by night?

      1 year ago
  • Could he not wait 1 year and get the much better looking mirai?

      1 year ago