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What do you get when you super turbo a Detroit diesel?

the answer.. size matters 2 one of my my favourite truck gymkhana videos.

43w ago

Ever wondered what you'd get if you took a 14.0L Detroit diesel engine and I dunno just decide to super turbo it? No? me either actually but we have the answer anyway, and its astounding!

with the 14.0 litre as a starting point you already have 575hp and just a tad over 2500nm or torque, but that wasn't enough for Pikes Peak legend Mike Ryan, he and his team thought twin turbos and and a 8.3l supercharger might be more suitable, and I couldn't agree more. So what kind of POWERR do you get? how does upwards of 2400hp and 5420 odd of Newton meterage sound? pretty decent right! but they thought sod it lets force another 400hp shot out its arse when we fancy thanks to Banks straight shot water meth injection wow!

The sound this thing makes left me sitting with a cushion on my lap trying to hide my excitement from my better half. what makes it even better is the heavily modified 240sx that he's chasing down. Possibly over complicated editing would love to hear more of the truck without the soundtrack and the ending isn't totally necessary but I still love it. check out size matters 1 and 3 on YouTube as well. In fact just check out Mike Ryan he's one badass dude.

source carhoots.com

source carhoots.com

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