Tits or butts? Beer or wine? petrol or diesel? the most important questions in our lives. but do they even matter?

4y ago

You might hear regularly that "oh you need to buy a diesel car because it's less thirsty" or other rubbish like this: "Generally speaking, diesel cars are worse than petrol models in terms of poisonous emissions". Well... I say rubbish

The thing is that in the real life, including servicing costs and other smelly liquids that you need to fill your car with, it's not even a huge difference between any kind of car. And the biggest bullsh*t is the emissions. What do you think is the most polluting thing on a car? It's not the engine. Not even making it. It's the tyre.

"tyre deterioration particle emissions exceed engine emissions by 6-10 times."


Yes, you burn off from 1.5 up to 14kgs of rubber. And the roads don't get thicker which means it's in the air. And before you'd think I'm an environmentalist I should add that (skip this part if you ARE actually an enviromentalist tho) i love the idea of drifting. And the funny thing about that is that tire smoke contains paricles that are so huge that YOUR LUNGS CAN ACTUALLY FILTER THEM ulike the small ones coming from modern engines.

It doesn't matter if you drive a petrol or a diesel or a hybrid or a milk float. The only important question is: "WHAT DO YOU NEED?". Anything else is just a matter of use. So go out and buy the car you think you need! Don't buy one that you don't like just because you'd like to be seen as a "green" individual.

Datsun 260z (Built by Nino Karotta)

Datsun 260z (Built by Nino Karotta)

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