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The future of cars is often a debated topic in the petrolhead world. Often it is claimed that cars will drive themselves or will even be able to fly in the sky. But let us just take a dip into reality for a brief second.

About 26 years ago in Back to the Future: Part two they thought that by 2015 we would have flying cars and hoverboards. But cars are still on the ground, our jackets don't dry themselves and hoverboards don't even hover.

So the question is what will cars look like 26 years from now? Will they be exactly the same or will there be autonomous or flying cars?

That is for you to decide but before you do let us take a look at some of the latest developments in technology and how they are helping us now. Afterwards it's your decision on what is and isn't the future cars.

Flying cars

Could this be the future?

Could this be the future?

Last year in March Audi showed us what Taxi's might look like in the future with the Pop.Up next that shows a self-driving car being carried by a drone. They tested a model of it in Amsterdam later that year with it being a success.

Flying taxis are on the way

Dr. Bernd Martens

Dr. Bernd Martens, Audi board member for sourcing and IT, and president of the Audi subsidiary Italdesign said, "Flying taxis are on the way. We at Audi are convinced of that. More and more people are moving to cities."

"And more and more people will be mobile thanks to automation. In the future, senior citizens, children, and people without a driver’s license will want to use convenient robot taxis. If we succeed in making a smart allocation of traffic between roads and airspace, people and cities can benefit in equal measure.”

It isn't only Audi who is in the action. Other tech companies and Toyota are planning to reveal other prototype flying vehicles throughout this year.

Autonomous cars

Autonomous cars aren't only expected to help drivers in the future but they are also currently helping now. Last year a Tesla model S managed to keeps its driver, who was asleep, safe while was on autopilot before the police pulled over the car and arrested the driver for drunk driving.

Imagine if that Tesla didn't have autopilot and the accident that could have occurred on the road that night.

But that isn't the only thing that is happening with autonomous cars lately. GM Cruise and DoorDash has partnered together as well to help with autonomous food delivering. They will mainly be focused in San Francisco with it beginning sometime this year soon.

"Delivery is a significant opportunity for Cruise as we prepare to commercialize our autonomous vehicle technology and transform transportation," Cruise CEO Dan Ammann said in a statement. "Partnering with DoorDash will provide us with critical learnings as we further our mission to deliver technology that makes people's lives better and more convenient."

What do you think of the future?

There are the facts of what could possibly be coming in the future of cars. It's your decision on what you think is the future of cars or not. What do you think the future of cars are?


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