What does a Formula E Champion drive at home?

Let me take you through my garage back home!

As well as driving some of the best racing cars in the world, I’ve had some pretty fun cars to drive on the road as well. Here I take you through some of the coolest wheels I’ve had in my garage; from when I first got my license right up to today.

First Car

It’s a bit strange to think I’d already been racing for ten years when I was finally allowed on the roads. I was racing in South American F3 when I got my first road car, which was a silver BMW 323 Compact Sport. It was in Brasilia, Brazil, where I lived with my dad. I remember it had a badass speaker system and I drove it like I stole it every day!

Modified BMWs

I’ve owned quite a few BMW’s – I think they’re great cars. A couple particularly stand out. I had an M2, which I really loved. I made some little modifications to that one; I lowered it, put on different tyres and added all the extra carbon parts that you can get from BMW and I enjoyed that car a lot. I also had a BMW M140i with which I added a chip, lowered it and, in the end, it was even faster than my M2!

The Favourite

I bought a Mercedes-AMG C63 when I lived in America and that’s my favourite car I’ve ever driven that I owned. The sound is incredible, the power and performance is excellent and I just loved everything about it. I didn’t need or want to spec it up in anyway – it was perfect the way it was.

The Passion Project

A few years ago I found a 1987 Chevrolet G20 van and I set about transforming it with a guy that had a renovation shop in North Carolina.

It took about two years but it was finally finished about a year ago and it’s brilliant. It’s now decked out with a full sound system and TV and I’ve driven it a bit around North Carolina. It's so much fun.

Current Wheels

Right now I’m driving the Jaguar F-PACE. It’s a great SUV with a lot of space which I like as I’m always travelling around and the performance is great. It’s a beautiful car that looks quite sporty so I’m enjoying having a car that covers everything!

I’m really excited about driving some other Jaguars too. I can’t wait to drive the I-PACE, the first electric SUV from Jag; I think it’s going to be a game changer. I’m also really hoping I get to drive the Project 8 – it looks to be a seriously impressive piece of kit.

What do you think of my car history and what car should I buy next? Comment with your thoughts and ideas below!

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      2 years ago
  • Would you consider any of the electric super cars that are appearing now like the Rimac or the Aspark?

      2 years ago
  • Thank you Nelson for the sharing! It's nice to hear the human behind the athlete. Good luck for the current season!

      2 years ago
  • Thank you for sharing your automotive experience. From BMW to Jaguar you seems to be a loyal driver. I'm impatient to see how would be the Jag I-Pace.

      2 years ago
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeessscccrrrrrrreeeeeeeccchhh e eeecccccccccsssrrrreccccccccccc weeeeeescccreeeeeeee eeeiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee. ( I was trying to write down the noise formula e cars make. Ever notice how the commentators have to talk continuously? ) eeeeeeejjjjj eeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiee... ....

      2 years ago