W​hat does Rich Energy actually taste like?

T​he sketchy energy drink is extremely difficult to find, but does it just taste like Red Bull?

2y ago

I​f you're partial to a bit of motorsport these days, you've probably stumbled upon the Rich Energy saga involving the Haas F1 team. They say they have cash coming out of their ears but appear to have nothing to show for it, they've been embroiled in court through a logo copyright case with Whyte Bikes, and now they seem to be all at sea with a rogue ex-CEO and panicking board members. They've even had to rename the entire company, now calling themselves 'Lightning Volt'.

T​he company's Twitter account has been a fantastic source of entertainment as well, with the account holder sparking up public arguments with absolutely everyone, especially Top Gear host Chris Harris. So, cutting the crap, what does the energy drink actually taste like?

T​hankfully, some people have managed to get their hands on the British beverage, taste testing it against its caffeine-filled rivals.

I​t turns out that it looks, smells and tastes exactly like Red Bull. The company slogan is even "forget wings, Rich Energy gives you horns". Do deer even have horns? Surely that is still a bull characteristic?

A​nyway, the entire company seems to be a complete mess. Before the company goes under and drink becomes exctinct, maybe we should get Jeremy to taste test it, so we have a completely impartial result?

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Comments (26)

  • Oh god, Clarkson taste testing nasty shit. We need this. We DESERVE this.

      2 years ago
  • Don't think Mr Clarkson will consume it voluntarily. With the use of restraints and a funnel it may be achieved.

      2 years ago
  • In Italy “having horns” means being betrayed by your wife/husband. Not a nice thing actually 😄

      2 years ago
  • Petition to make JC drink Rich Energy:

    Me - signed.

      2 years ago
  • Just wondering, who bottled it?

      2 years ago