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What does the cabin accessories add-on bring to the table?

We all love interior customisation, but does this add-on for ETS2 cut the mustard?

2y ago

We are all a fan of customisation, the desire to express our indiviuality through our possessions is a key part of modern car and truck culture as a whole. So does this add-on satisfy our need to customise? Lets find out...

About the Cabin Accessories add-on:

The cabin accessories add-on first graced our screens on September 30th 2015, of which it brought with it a whole bunch of customisation options to fine tune the interior of your truck. The DLC has seen some updates since it's release, mainly to add some customisation options to the Scania and DAF tuning packs.

One thing worth adding, i shall only be covering the main additions this DLC brings to the table. There are a few small bits and pieces that I shall gloss over for the sake of not making this article take 3 months to read.

Steering Wheel Accessories:

We'll start off with the more basic part of this add-on/DLC. The steering wheel customisation.

This part of the DLC gives you the ability to mount knobs to your steering wheel. You can mount them in 4 different positions (as pictured below). You have a choice of 7 different steering wheel knobs to choose from. (You only really have 2, but the different colours you can choose make it 7).

Personally, I find this abit lackluster. I was really expecting more choice and variety than this. However, if you don't mind browsing the steam workshop for a little while. You'll most likely find some mods that will bring some extra bits and pieces to the interior customisation list. (SiSl's mega pack comes to mind... shameless plug)

Here's a gallery showcasing all the different steering wheel knobs:

Dashboard Accessories:

The dashboard accessories is where this DLC starts to prove its worth. The dashboard accessories gives you the option to add a whole host of accessories. Some being useful, some just fun little toys to give your cabin abit more character.

It is just worth adding that the Scania and DAF tuning packs also add tables to the interior options list. However, since this is not default across all the trucks, I will not be including this in my overall verdict. (Even though they are very useful and are a must have if you drive a Scania or DAF)

Overall, the dashboard accessories are by far the strongest point for this DLC. While there is a definite lack of useful accessories, the ones it does include you won't be able to live without once you have them. The compass and Sat-Nav are pretty much essential if you don't want the in-game overlay enabled. As for the non-essential items, there are some very novel toys and models available. Ranging from a plush toy of a truck, to a hula model. It's very varied and is exactly what I expected to see. However, if you find this not to be enough variation. You could always install mods to further widen the range of accessories you can deck out your truck with.

Here's a gallery of ALL the customisation options for the dashboard (including the tables for the DAF and Scania).

Curtain Accessories:

The curtain accessories gives you the option to add decorative curtains that run across the top of the windscreen. You can choose from a variety of different colours and options. Ranging from a plain brown curtain, to a christmas themed one with lights and a gift bow on.

It's worth adding that these curtains don't do a great deal about blocking out sunlight, well at least from what i found on my travels. I suspect it's more down to how ETS2's light engine works, than actual functionality of the curtains.

Personally, I find these curtains to be fairly annoying and invasive. Especially when you have the ''cabin physics'' enabled (more on that later). If you're a novice to ETS2 you will probably want to give the curtains a miss, just until you're abit more familiar with how the sim works since these curtains are VERY distracting.

Here's a gallery showcasing all the curtains available in this add-on:

Window Accessories:

The window accessories brings with it a whole load of window mounted items you can purchase. Ranging from pennants to Sat-Navs. (Well, that's all there really is actually.) You have a choice of far too many to count pennants but only have the choice of one sat-nav, which seems like a particular poor balance between decoration and usability in my opinion.

Overall, the pennants are a nice addition to this add-on but only in moderation. Add too many and your forward visibility suffers greatly for it. If you only use 3-4 on the windscreen then you'll find they are very pleasant and really add some colour to the interior. The Sat-Nav is also a welcome addition, it's well positioned and shows the route ahead with no problem. You can also change the scale of road the sat-nav shows by setting up a keybinding to zoom the map in and out.

However, i'm not particularly keen on the balance of ''usable'' items and ''decorative'' items. A few different styles of Sat-Nav would have been nice, as opposed to a generic Tom-Tom looking one and that being that.

Here's a gallery showing off some of the penants and the sat-nav in this add-on:

The Physics

Yep, you aren't reading that wrong... These cabin accessories have their own physics engine added in. In short, what this does is it gives some of the accessories in the cabin the ability to move freely and to react to how the truck behaves. If the truck goes over a speed bump for example, the pennants on the windscreen will shake accordingly. That's it really.

Overall, these physics do work well. However, they can be bugged fairly easily. For example, I had a single pennant in the windscreen of my test truck and i had to visit a service station. Upon exiting that service station the pennant was sticking out 2 in-game miles ahead of the truck OUTSIDE of the windscreen. This glitch happened so often i actually had to disable the physics in the game settings in the end because it was becoming annoying.

Here's a video of the cabin accessories physics in action (when it's not bugged). Courtesy of Inthernet.

In Conclusion:

Overall, this isn't a bad little add-on to the sim. It's nothing groundbreaking and you certainly won't be missing out on much by not owning it. However, it certainly brings the truck interior to life abit more.

Anyway, the answer to the ''does this add-on satisfy our need to customise?'' question. Yes, yes it does. Admittedly it's very lackluster in some areas, which certainly is frustrating. However, that's what mods are for!

This add-on certainly satisfied my need to customise and i was very happy with the end result when i'd spent 30 minutes fiddling with the different accessories. It's a shame we aren't able to re-upholster the interior in different colours to really make out interiors stand out but... we can't have everything.

It's not bad value for money either, £2.79 is a very reasonable price for this add-on. However, at the time of this article it's actually on sale for just £0.83! So you'd be mad not to buy this add-on!

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