What does the DriveTribe office and community want from Santa?

43w ago


I've got to that age where I want unbelievably mundane stuff for Christmas. I'd bloody love a shirt for work or some decent socks to see me into 2019. There's no need to trawl the internet for the latest crappy gadgets that break by Boxing Day, I'm all about those homely essentials.

That's why, for Crimbo this year, I'd like a Group C car. Not a full C1 beast that costs well over £1million, probably just a little C2 car so I can turn up to the historic racing meets and become one of the lads.

This red one seems very festive

Enough about me though, I asked the DriveTribe community to see what they'd like to have poking out of their stockings. Starting with the folks in the office, the gifts are predictably petrolheady.

Rob Burnett – Motorsport Editor

This Christmas I am hoping Santa brings me a copy of 'The Mechanic', Marc Priestley’s book about his ten years working for McLaren in Formula 1.

I’m also a sucker for F1 merch, so a nice Williams t-shirt or cap in my stocking would also be nice.

James King – Head of Audience Engagement

This Christmas I want this model flat-six. I've been meaning to increase my mechanical knowledge as it's been pretty poor for my whole life. If I start off small with this gorgeous boxer engine I can work my way up to fixing my Panda 100HP engine when it inevitably explodes.

Michael Haffenden – Social Media Executive

This year is the year I've decided I need more racing t shirts so I fit right in when making the annual Le Mans trip. No - I'm not talking about buying overpriced official merchandise trackside, I'm on about buying about seven of these cheap gems on Ebay.

Stijn Paspont – DriveTribe user

The new Suzuki Jimny. I already have a Suzuki Samurai but hot damn do I want another 4x4 box.

Joachim Rayos – DriveTribe user

A car-centric holiday! Going to Goodwood 77th Members' Meeting is a done deal between my wife and I so in place of gifts we're putting it into our trip expenses.

Vicky EZ – DriveTribe user

I would love to get an actual garage for Christmas, with a roof and a door, to have space for something nice and old that needs protection.

Sunny Lam – DriveTribe user

I'd take an alarm clock that only plays the sound of a Lexus LFA revving from idle to 9500rpm…would be a refreshing way to wake up.

Chris Lynd – DriveTribe user

For Christmas, I want an E-Type Jag. I know it’s too much for a Christmas gift Santa, but dig deep for me please.

What do you think of our stocking fillers? Do you have something particularly car-based that you're hankering after for Christmas? Tell us in the comment below!

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