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What Doug Style Oddball Video Should I Make?

You decide: Lawn mower or Minibike. Also, yes. You did in fact read that correctly.

16w ago

So the other day I was thinking: Doug DeMuro is pretty cool, and it would be awesome to have a channel like his, but.....I can't legally drive road vehicles yet.

And then, I saw it. Buried in the black hole of the garage, a dirty and barely running John Deere mower. I then looked to the right of the glorious American made muscle... mower.... but anyway, next to it was my newer Coleman minibike. Suddenly, a stupid idea was born.

That stupid idea? Well, you already know what that was: A Doug DeMuro style review of one of these beautiful American made machines, dissecting the vehicle, breaking down each and every one of it's 'QUIRKS AND FEATURES'!

So what do you want to see? Let me know in the poll below!

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