What drives me...

I esspecially like to explore unknown places. New roads, unknown dead ends, or a new peak to which i´ve not been before. Always longing for the thrill of carving through unknown corners at the highest possible safe speed.

Reading roads has a special role in the Adventure of touring. You don´t know the ground beneath you, and whats ahead, so you always need to be careful. Esspecially in high alpine territory the slightest mistake can be fatal. Carefully reading the road is whats needed and the greatest skill besides the actualy riding.

Of course we all start slow, and some don´t feel the need to rush up the mountains. But for me it is the most rewarding thing to wrestle down a mights road while climbing up with ridiculous acceleration, just to let the adrenalin cool down and have a rest at the very top with a magnificent view. Might it be alone, or even better with friends. It´s a thrill!

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