What EV best suits you?

11w ago

How important is acceleration?

  • Not important at all
  • I want it to go fast
  • I want ALL the acceleration!

How many people do you need to carry?

  • Just myself
  • I occasionally use my backseat
  • It needs to seat 4 or 5 people
  • I need a third row

How much range do you need?

  • Doesn't matter
  • Over 100mi
  • Over 200mi
  • 300+mi

How recent do you like your cars to be?

  • I need one new!
  • 5 years max
  • 10 years max
  • 20 years max
  • Age is just a number!

Do you care about quality?

  • Nah.
  • It has to be decent.
  • I need top-of-the-line!

Do you like EVs?

  • No.
  • Ehh... they're ok
  • Yes!

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