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1y ago


A few weeks ago a friend invited me to his monthly car meet, it's called Motors at Metro and takes place in a parking lot not too far from where I live at a place called Metro Restaurant, hence the name.

He has been having these meets for a while and regretfully I am always too busy to make it and subsequently end up missing all the rare and bomb cool cars that show up to his meet. This particular day, I cleared my entire day and made my way there. To my surprise, this is what I found.

A Citroen DS! Now, I don't know where you are in the world but I am only aware of a handful in my beautiful country of South Africa, the first is in the picture above, the second belongs to a motoring journalist friend and the third is in a motoring museum about 1000km from me. What intrigued me was how well kept the car was, both mechanically and aesthetically.



Anyway, now for what I really wanted to tell you.

See, this meet amalgamated the passionate petrolhead within me, because I go to so many car meets where the fancy cars get all the attention, the opinions turn aggressive and then the entire meets atmosphere is just sour.

This meet was different, it was purity of "petrolheadism" because everyone was there in pride of the motor they own, they were willing to listen and share in their car adventures and wanted everyone to know how much motoring meant to them. The conversations were flowing and the networks being made. No one was there to show off.

Every car there had a story, not one of how much boost its producing but one of the fantastic road trips experienced or the purchase stories were the best, much to our host of the meet who bought his Beemer from an old lady after leaving a letter on the window but that is a story for another day.

I truly think that we need more of these meets, where we forget about whats happening in our lives, we leave the hustle and bustle behind for a few hours and just settle and chat about what we live and breathe, cars.