What everyone needs to know about the Chevy Silverado

A primer on everything to know about the cult American workhorse pickup

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To start, let’s just be 100% honest here. The Silverado is a vehicle really needs no introduction, especially if you’re in the truck world. It’s one of the big 3 and anyone who knows anything about trucks knows exactly the 3 I’m referring to. Those of course being the Ram 1500 which I made another What to Know video on, the Silverado, and the Ford F-150.

The regular Silverado has 8 different trims to choose from in both 2-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive variants: WT (standing for work truck), custom, custom trail boss, LT, RST, LT trail boss, LTZ and high country. Like I said, a bit confusing. Luckily Chevrolet’s “build your own” tool is very intuitive and shows you exactly what to expect when picking a trim level. Use this tool if you’re in the market, it’s very helpful.

Power options are vast with everything from a 4-cylinder, 2.7 Liter Turbo that makes 310 hp/348 pound feet of torque, to a beefy 6.2 Liter EcoTec3 V8 producing a stout 420 hp and 460 pound feet of torque.

So what’s new for 2021 versus 2020? Well for a truck that was just redesigned 2 years ago, quite a bit actually. There are a ton of new features to the half-ton Silverado including a newly available Multi-Flex tailgate that opens and folds six different ways. On top of that, any trim with either the diesel six-cylinder or turbocharged four get better max-towing stats, with 1900 pounds (to 9500 total) and 2600 pounds (to 9600 total) respectively.

And on the towing note, there are now many new trailer-assistance technologies like a pretty cool jackknife alert will send a warning if you’re about to do just that. Also, there’s a trailer-length indicator that helps the driver change lanes safely when towing and a cargo-bed viewer that makes it easier to hook up a fifth-wheel trailer. On the interior technology front, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now offered. Finally, there are optional adaptive dampers on the High Country, more paint colors to choose from, and new special-edition packages.

Do we recommend you still go in to buy the Silverado if you’ve made the decision to purchase? That answer is a yes if you’re in the market for a pickup truck. The Silverado, buy and large, is a good truck with a cult following that will do any job you want it to. A new one will give you the piece of mind of a warranty, but a certified pre-owned Silverado will also be a great buy. If you can swing it, stick to the newer ones and you’ll be fine.





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