What everyone needs to know about the 2021 Hyundai Palisade

The SUV gets minor updates, but is still an incredible bargain.

6w ago

The Palisade is one of Hyundai’s newest vehicles as it was released for its first full model year in 2019 under the 2020 model year designation. You may know this already, but it does bear repeating, that the Palisade is the sister car to the KIA Telluride which has been a media darling since its release.

Thinking about these two SUVs in the context of the Palisade being more luxurious and the Telluride being a bit more off road friendly, and they make a lot of sense as separate vehicles even though the underpinnings are virtually the same.

The Palisade has never been through a redesign or mid-cycle refresh because, well, this is a brand new vehicle. So what you see is what you can get.

With all this being said, do we recommend you still go in to buy or test drive the Palisade if you don’t own one? That answer is a resounding yes. The Palisade should 100% be on you list, if not in the top 3 to purchase. I personally love the look, but looks are subjective and you may not like the swooping lines. If not, go try the KIA Telluride. It’s essentially the same vehicle, but with KIA’s touches in it.

And it is also a great buy.





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  • The Palisade is an extremely nice, good car that people will crap on just because of the badge.

      1 month ago