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What feature are most excited about in DriveTribe Studio V2?

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  • this is trash, if everything was barbie pink then it would be 10/10

      2 months ago
  • all of the above!!!

      2 months ago
  • DriveTribe Studio V2 is finally here! @tribe

      2 months ago
  • Holy crap! Am I the only one who absolutely hates the new look? I mean, the top HALF of the screen is completely useless now! It doesn't move. It can't be minimized. It's a waste of space! In the old studio, I could glance at 6 or 7 of my posts at once, and now? 2! Well, one and a half, really. I guess that's a godsend for people who love to scroll. I'm not one of them. I also notice that previewing a post has become less convenient. So, it's now less user friendly.

    I understand that v2 has a bunch of new features but why couldn't they have been incorporated into the style of the old studio? It was perfectly laid out and inviting to look at. Ever hear the old adage that you don't fix something that's not broken?

    It's probably too much to ask that there be an option for people to revert back to the 'classic' look if they want.

      2 months ago
    • Hey Rob - the team is working on a fix to prevent the top of the page blocking the rest of Studio.

      Studio V2 is more than just a pretty face and new features. Our tech team have completely rebuilt the product with better infrastructure, so that...

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        2 months ago
    • When will studio mobile be implemented into the app

        2 months ago
  • I'm excited about everything but specifically the Unsplash link. As a content creator I would hate to cross copyright lines accidentally. I fully believe in the integrity of a person's work.

      2 months ago