"What Ferrari are you" but it's a spelling bee

17w ago

No cheating, ah-ah. Also, don't mind the percentages, I needed to make a personality quiz but with correct answers so I tried it with a trivia format instead. Just go with the Ferrari you get!

How do you reckon it's spelled?

  • Squamuloce
  • Esquamulose
  • Esquamuloce

Next word? Here you go

  • Vivisculpture
  • Viviselpture
  • Vivisepulture

What is the language of origin for 'magniloquent'?

  • Greek
  • Latin
  • Old English

Is it 'catacrisis' or 'catachresis'

  • I'll play it safe with Catacrisis
  • Nah, Catachresis fo sho

And your next word is

  • Physiognomy
  • Physiocotomy
  • Psychionogmy

Pronounce "kitschy"

  • kit-chee
  • kit-ski

Recite the plural of 'innuendo'

  • innuendos
  • innuendoes

Back to spelling words

  • Campagnile
  • Campanile
  • Campaneil

Would you mind spelling this

  • obstreperous
  • obstreberous
  • opstreberous

Just one more!

  • clerihue
  • clarihue
  • clerihew
  • clerihue

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